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The health of your natural lashes is what we care about most.

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No Magnets • No Strips • No Limits

Safe adhesive for natural lashes & extensions.
Many styles for all eye shapes.
Gentle daily use & super bond options.
Reuse them 15+ times!

Daily Use - How to Apply


    "Lashes lasted my whole 12 hour shift at work PLUS coaching CrossFit before hand!! I love them!!"

    -Erin P.


    "These lashes are the BEST! I put Flutter Junkies on every morning in less than 10 minutes and they stay on all day! They look beautiful and I always get compliments on them! At night they come right off and I can sleep without worrying about damaging my lashes. They have truly been a life saver for me! Best idea ever!!!"



    "These lashes!!!!!! I love them! I can't believe how easy they were to put on!!! So simple and they feel great!!"

    -Kristen P.

  • "I personally haven’t ever really been [a lash girl]….until now!! I absolutely LOVE these Flutter Junkie lashes!!"


  • "I can’t stand strip lashes because they constantly bother me in the inner and outer corner of my eye and they just irritate me! You CANNOT feel these lashes when applied correctly and that is music to my ears! I had to step outside of my comfort zone to try these and I am so glad I did!"


  • "I am absolutely in love with these ones. I am wearing them with the black liner pen! I love taking them off at night but having the look of extenitons and your adhesive is easy and stays all day, but isn't heavy."



Daily Use Flutters

Will it harm my natural lashes?

This is our favorite part of Flutter Junkies!  This company was created by a Lash Artist, and the health of the natural lashes is what we care about most.  She has seen first hand what strip lash glue and bad application of lash extensions can do to natural lashes.  Your natural lashes are safe with FJ.  

Flutter Junkies is very gentle on your natural lashes.  Usually the lashes gently slide right off.  When removing, go slow and if it doesn’t feel like it is coming off very easily, apply a tiny little bit of cleaning oil with your fingers to help it separate easier.  

How do I apply the flutters?

You can apply them on top of or under your natural lashes. Or both! Be sure to check out our application video to see how we recommend applying both options.

Applying lashes on the underside of your natural lashes with the adhesive pen is just like applying mascara.  You will want to coat your natural lashes (make sure they are clean and not oily) a few times until it almost catches or feels tacky, and then coat the flutters a few times at the base.  If you apply them onto your lashes and they don’t stick, that’s your sign to add a little more adhesive on your natural lashes or your flutter sections.  

If you have sparse lashes, sensitive eyes, or eyelash extensions, then applying our flutters on top with our adhesive pen will probably work the best for you!

I have never wanted to take the plunge with extensions because I LOVE to rub my eyes everyday. Will these work for me?

We have the perfect solution for you.  Lash Extensions are amazing, but we understand they don’t work for everyone, especially the eye rubbers or pickers. 

With Flutter Junkie’s you will be able to apply beautiful lashes quickly, avoid the headache of mascara everyday, AND also be able to easily slide them off at night.  

But since we are advocates of healthy natural lashes, we will just plug that it’s not a great idea to rub your natural lashes hard often.  You want to always be gentle around the eye area and especially no rubbing or  pulling with mascara on.

I have more questions!

We have more answers, babe! For a full FAQ list for Daily Use Flutters, head over to this page.


Flutter Longer Lashes

What's difference between Daily Use & Flutter Longer lashes?

The Daily Use System works amazing for people who sleep on their face or like to rub their eyes often. Also great for ladies who wear extensions to help fill in those gaps between lash fill appointments.

Our Flutter Longer Lash system is for anyone else!

I love extensions, but I’m allergic! Will these work for me?

Yes, 99% of people who are allergic to Eyelash Extension Glue, will be able to use our Flutter Longer Lash Glue or Adhesive Pen with no problems!  It does not include the same ingredient that most people become allergic to in lash extensions.

Can these be worn overnight? Or in the water?

YES! These can be worn in the shower, swimming, sleeping, etc…a few of us have even tried them out in a sauna… :)

(Just don’t sleep on your face, that may affect them)

I have more questions!

We have more answers, babe! For a full FAQ list for Flutter Longer Flutters, head over to this page.


For Extension Wearers

I have extensions, so why would I ever need Flutter Junkies?

We are the first lash system that can be used WITH lash extensions to help fill those gaps when you can’t get into your Lash Artist.  I mean, let's be real...we know that nothing is going to replace a great set of lash extensions, but if we can help make those times between fills a little more bearable, we are here for it!

The only problem we have with extensions is those annoying times, when all the lashes fall out in the same spot, but you are a week out from your next lash appointment. Yikes!

Or maybe you are headed on vacation for a while but want to be sure your lashes will look amazing the whole time?  Grab your Daily Use Flutter Kit and don’t worry!

**Plus, if you ever develop an allergy to eyelash extension glue...we are here for that too ;).  Neither of our liners have any of the same ingredients as eyelash extension glue**

Are these magnetic?

Nope. There are no magnets involved.  It is similar to how vinyl on a window works; it sticks to itself.  There is no dry time, and the adhesive doesn’t have to get “tacky” or dry.  It's amazing actually!

Won’t this adhesive ruin my extensions?

No it won’t!  As long as you only apply the adhesive onto the eyelid where you would like to place a flutter section and fill a gap, you shouldn’t have any trouble with it ruining your extensions.  When it’s time to remove the liner, just take a lip wand with a little cleansing oil and rub up and away from the lash line, and wash your lashes like normal right away!

We have done a lot of research and development to create the MOST NATURAL looking lashes on the market.  When you look down, you won’t have that thick strip lash look across the top of your eyelid, which we LOVE!  They seriously blend seamlessly with extensions, almost unbelievably well.

I have more questions!

We have more answers, babe! For a full FAQ list for Daily Use Flutters, head over to this page.