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Flutter Junkies

Clear Super Bond Adhesive

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This long-lasting adhesive is perfect for anyone who wants to wake up in the morning looking beautiful! No more fussing with Mascara or going without extensions because of an allergy!

You can now have extension-like lashes at home that will stay on in the shower, swimming, and while you sleep.

We care about your natural lash health so we will advise you to take off your flutters after 4-5 days using our 3-in-1 Remover. We want to give your natural lashes the space and time they need to grow healthy with no pulling.

Directions for application: Apply a small amount to the base of your natural lashes like you would mascara -but don't swipe all the way to the very tips. Tap your fingers on the tips of your eyelashes to erase any "white" tips with too much bond. Apply to one eye, wait 5-10 seconds and begin placing your lash sections to the underside of your natural lashes. Be careful not to get too close to the waterline. Getting too close to your waterline might cause discomfort.

As you practice, it will get easier and easier! Eventually you will apply your flutters quicker than mascara even! No awful mascara mess every night before bed. No more clumping or racoon eyes. Life is too short to not have amazing lashes!


Ingredients: Acrylic Resin, Water


*Note: Our Black Super Bond Adhesive works well for those who have done DIY under lash application before, and also contains latex.


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  • Bye Smudges

    "I have tried at least a dozen underlash systems and Flutter Junkies is by far my favorite. They are absolutely beautiful, light, and there is a style for every occasion! They are easy to put on and I NEVER have mascara smeared under my eyes."

    -Amanda S.

  • Healthy Lashes

    "I absolutely LOVE these lashes. I've had lash extensions for nearly 2 years and my natural lashes are so tiny now! Flutter Junkies have saved me while I let my lashes grow. I'm so impressed! I tell all of my firls in my life about them!!"

    -Cydnee H.

  • Any Age

    "I just have to say I'm in my 60's and could not get lashes to work for me until Flutter Junkies!!! They are easy to apply and look amazing.

    -Rochelle P.