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Flutter Junkies

The Monroe: Limited Edition Style

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THE MONROE: The glam cat eye that will make you want to sing “Santa Baby” ;). 7-13mm of volume, to create a more dense lash line. The “cat-eye” shape of the Monroe is more extreme than the WHITNEY, and won't give you any harsh strip-lash lines.   A cat-eye lash does not always suit heart shaped faces, narrow-set eyes, or hooded eyes. But you do you babe!!! 

*This set may be too heavy to apply on the underside of the lashes if the natural lashes are sparse or very short.*

Our designer lashes come in 5-6 sections, and we like to call them “flutters”. Cute, right?

You get to customize your lash sets AND we promise, applying them in sections will give you peace of mind throughout the day (no more inner or outer corners lifting). If you take care of the lashes, they're reusable up to at least 10 times!

With a completely weightless and seamless look, you may even forget you have them on!  No more anxiety, just beautiful lashes, unique to you!

Save $$ on lashes when you purchase a kit.



THE BETTY: Lashes aren’t just for the young and beautiful anymore. Go SUPER natural with the Betty and we guarantee nobody will ask you about your lashes. Sometimes that’s what you are going for, and that’s what you will get; effortless beauty (or should we say confidence) at any age. 6-9mm of super light classic lashes just add the littlest of oomph right where you need it. VIEW HERE

THE ROXIE: Our super natural flutters with a mix of lengths from 5-11mm.  Perfect for more mature eyes that want just a touch of something extra...or effortless beauty for a day at the beach.  The favorite lash for our Alopecia and Chemo patient friends.  Also great for small eyes, or or if you have little room between the lash line and the eyebrow. VIEW HERE

THE WHITNEY: (most popular): Your go-to for the everyday, “I love my lashes" look.  Mixed lengths of 6-12mm in a slight cat eye shape..  These look so natural you will have everyone wondering if they are yours!  It's also a great option for most lash extension wearers that need to fill a gap before their next fill. They blend with classic or light volume lash extensions perfectly. VIEW HERE

*If you have a short distance from your lash line to your eyebrow, these may look and feel very long.


THE YUKI: The doll-eye shape that every hooded eyelid has been dreaming about.  This fresh open-eyed look works for just about everyone but is the real star for those with hooded eyes, wide set eyes, or deep set eyes.  The curl on the Yuki is more relaxed (similar to a C Curl in eyelash extensions) but gives your natural lashes a boost right in the middle to help you look bright and awake.  5-13mm of wispy, round shaped goodness. VIEW HERE

*Similar to light hybrid lash extensions*

THE KIM: This set is for the true flutter junkies of the world ;) A classic shape, paired with some mega glamorous wispy texture.  These are sure to make heads turn.  9-17mm of ohh-la-la texture creates the perfect look for an extra special night out, dance recitals, or professional photos.  But if you just LOVE long (and still lightweight) lashes we won't stop ya from rockin' them everywhere! Not recommended for people with little space between their natural lashes and eyebrow. VIEW HERE

*This curl is similar to a CC curl in lash Extensions.  Also wearing them on top of the eyelid makes them even longer*


Adhesive Liner Ingredients: Black: Hema Acetoacetate, sodium styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Glycerine, Propylene Gloycol, Phenoxyethanol, Cl 77266

How to use

When applying flutters, swipe the adhesive under your natural lashes like how you would apply mascara. A little goes a long way.

This adhesive eyeliner sticks to itself, similar to vinyl on a window. So many women are nervous to apply black liquid liner, but with our most popular clear adhesive liner option, you don’t have to worry anymore about getting the natural look you’ve been searching for.

For our application video click HERE.


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  • Bye Smudges

    "I have tried at least a dozen underlash systems and Flutter Junkies is by far my favorite. They are absolutely beautiful, light, and there is a style for every occasion! They are easy to put on and I NEVER have mascara smeared under my eyes."

    -Amanda S.

  • Healthy Lashes

    "I absolutely LOVE these lashes. I've had lash extensions for nearly 2 years and my natural lashes are so tiny now! Flutter Junkies have saved me while I let my lashes grow. I'm so impressed! I tell all of my firls in my life about them!!"

    -Cydnee H.

  • Any Age

    "I just have to say I'm in my 60's and could not get lashes to work for me until Flutter Junkies!!! They are easy to apply and look amazing.

    -Rochelle P.

Need help choosing a lash style?

Take our short quiz to get recommended lashes based on your eye characteristics. Whether you have round eyes, hooded eyes, or wide set eyes, we've got something special for you that will feel right.