A brave or experienced fighter.

Our Warrior Lash Collection will drop a new lash every 2 months; named after a woman who is a WARRIOR, an experienced fighter, strong, and courageous.

After putting on a pair of lashes, you feel like you can conquer the world! Lashes bring out the best, and help YOU see what everyone else sees in you...

Each of our Warrior Lashes will come with a card, telling the story of the person we named the lash after, along with a quote from them. Something that helped them get through whatever it is they were fighting - as a true Warrior!

You can peel off the quote and put it on your rearview mirror or regular mirror as a reminder to let the world see your courage and who you were born to be.

We hope our lashes will be a gentle reminder that you are a Warrior, and that you can accomplish amazing things!

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