FAQs: Long Wear

I love extensions but I can’t wear them anymore, I’m allergic! Will these work for me?

Yes, 99% of people who are allergic to Eyelash Extension Glue, will be able to use our Flutter Longer Lash Glue or Adhesive Pen with no problems!  It does not include the same ingredient that most people become allergic to in lash extensions.

I have always wanted lash extensions, but I’ve been afraid to spend the money, I’m just worried I won’t like them. Are these a good option?

Our Flutter Longer Lash System is the perfect way to dip your toes into the waters of Lash Extensions.  Try out having something on your eyes for 3+ days.  See how you like it!

We will always be advocates of finding what works best for YOU and your lifestyle and habits.  We just think everyone should be able to enjoy great lashes, that are comfortable,  and not ever have to worry about mascara again.  Eyes are the window to the soul, and we think lashes make your soul shine brighter!  

We have all the lash options for you, all while keeping your natural lashes healthy!  If you think you might like the Daily Wear Lash Kit (for eye rubbers and face sleepers) better, you can check out those FAQ’s HERE.

Can these be worn overnight? Or in the water?

YES!  These can be worn in the shower, swimming, sleeping, etc…we have even worn them in a sauna… :)

(Just don’t sleep on your face, that may affect them).

So I can apply "flutters" on the underside of my lashes OR on top?

Our Superbond Adhesive is only meant to be worn on the underside of your natural lashes.  It’s applied like mascara with a micro mascara wand, but you don’t need very much!  

If you do not have very many natural lashes (from chemo, or damage) consider our Cancer Warrior Kit while you help your lashes get healthy again. 

Why would I choose this product over lash strips? Those are pretty easy for me to apply!

Full lash strips and lash glue are super uncomfortable AND damaging to your natural lashes.  You can feel them on your lid at all times. Those inner and outer corners are the worst.  

Our lashes are virtually weightless, and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing really anything.  Mascara is more uncomfortable for some of us than wearing flutters.  You will love them!!

How are these not damaging to my natural lashes?

Strip lashes can pull out and break off your natural lashes.  We want to avoid that at all costs.

When you are ready to remove your flutters, just spray a little 3-In-One Cleaner onto your fingertips.  Rub them along the flutters…it only takes a minute, and they will slide off of your eyes without any pulling.

Use our Adhesive/Makeup Remover or one of your own that you love and rub the lashes gently. Let them sit for a few minutes and wipe away residue with our FJ makeup remover mitt and warm water.  

Don’t apply too much Flutter Longer Adhesive - just a thin coat will do!  With some practice you can find the right amount for you. Just make sure you have some product on your inner and outer corner lashes.

Can I reuse the lashes?

With our 3l-In-One Cleaner, you will be able to re-use our lashes.  Once you remove them from your eyes, put them in a pile on the counter or sink.  Spray the All-In-One Remover on the lashes and let sit anywhere from 5 minutes to overnight.  In the morning you can rinse them off with warm water and press them with a towel.

Place them back into your Lash Compact tray.  You can now re-use them or try out a different look.  Maybe you want to go longer or shorter, do a cat-eye or round eye this time!  Be creative and have fun finding your favorite #lashformula we can’t wait to see it!

Is the Superbond Adhesive like lash glue?

Our Superbond Adhesive does not work like regular lash glue.  It has no specific dry time; you do not have to wait for it to get “tacky”.  We have found that doing one eye at a time is helpful for application, however.  

How long will these lashes last with the flutter longer adhesive?

It honestly varies for everyone.  Most people can get at least 3-4 days out of their Flutter Longer Lash System.

Sometimes you might sleep too hard on your side and the end flutter could get loose or come off.  Apply it back on the lashes and squeeze with the tweezers, most the time that will do the trick.  You may need to add a tiny bit more Superbond Adhesive to the base of the flutter if needed.

Because our MAIN GOAL at FJ is to help you keep your natural lashes healthy and strong, we don’t recommend you wear the lashes for longer than 5 days.  It’s necessary for lash and eye health to wash the lash line often, and let your natural lashes breathe.  

How long does the Flutter Longer Adhesive last?

We recommend you replace our Flutter Longer Adhesive every 3 months.

Can I wear flutters on the underside and on the top?

Yes you can! 

For example:

You could apply any lashes with the Flutter Longer Adhesive on the underside of your natural lashes, then apply the Adhesive pen to the eyelid, and place lashes along the lash-line as well.  This will give you an awesome glam look all without the damage.  You can mix and match, be creative!  It’s all about doing what YOU love.

Can the lashes be worn with mascara?

Yes youcan…but there is no need.  The main goal is to get rid of mascara all together, so don’t be afraid to break up, you got this!  Best decision you’ll ever make.

My Superbond Adhesive gets goopy, what should I do?

Try to store it upright.  It will help to settle the adhesive at the bottom of the bottle and make your FJ application easier.

Topic headingI don’t have very many natural lashes and I can’t get the lashes to stay when I apply them underneath, help?

In this scenario, the super bond adhesive and lashes may be too heavy for your natural lashes. You could try going with shorter/thinner lashes first, and if that doesn’t work consider the Daily Wear Lash System, it’s a little lighter and can be worn on top of the lashes.  They blend SO well with your natural lashes you won’t have to worry about a strip lash line when you close your eyes.

It’s important to us that we have options for everyone no matter your age, eye shape, and preference.   Eyes are the window to the soul; we are here to help it shine brighter!  

I have sensitive eyes and they feel irritated when applying them underneath. What should I do?

Of course, we always advise to discontinue use with irritation but consider trying the Daily Use Lash System to see if it is still sensitive.

Will it get easier, my first application was difficult, and I couldn’t get them to stay?

Yes it will!  Be patient with yourself for the first few tries.  Make sure you are not in a rush…but we promise, just like anything, it gets easier the more you do it!  After a while you will be a pro and be teaching all your friends your best tips and tricks!

Making sure you get a good attachment at the base of your natural lashes will be important in them lasting a few extra days.

I love this system so much, do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we are rolling out our Brand Partner program as we speak.  Spots are limited.  Please email hello@flutterjunkies.com with why you would want to help promote Flutter Junkies and we will get back with you as soon as possible.  Or DM us on Instagram @flutterjunkies for more information and application instructions.

Do you sell wholesale? I would love to sell these in my salon?

We do have a Reseller program for Professionals in the Beauty Industry.  Please DM us on Instagram @flutterjunkies or email hello@flutterjunkies.com your business license number or your costmo/esti license number and the state you live in.  We will respond to you with details for application shortly after.