FAQs: Daily Wear Lashes

I sleep on my face, so I have a hard time keeping extensions on.  Why are these good for me?

We understand that it can be difficult to keep any sort of fake lashes on when you are a face sleeper.

If you just can't break the habit, our Daily Wear Flutters are a GREAT option because you can remove them easily at night (with no damage) and re-apply them again in the morning.

I have never wanted to take the plunge with extensions because I LOVE to rub my eyes everyday.  Will these work for me?

We have the perfect solution for you.  Lash Extensions are amazing, but we understand they don’t work for everyone, especially the eye rubbers or pickers.  With Flutter Junkie’s you will be able to apply beautiful lashes quickly, avoid the headache of mascara everyday, AND also be able to easily slide them off at night.  

But since we are advocates of healthy natural lashes, we will just plug that it’s not a great idea to rub your natural lashes hard, often.  You want to always be gentle around the eye area and especially no rubbing or pulling with mascara on.

Are these magnetic? 

No.  There are no magnets involved.  It is similar to how vinyl on a window works; it sticks to itself.  There is no dry time, and the adhesive doesn’t have to get “tacky” or dry.  It's amazing actually!

So I can apply "flutters" on the underside of my lashes OR on top?

Yes!  Be sure to check out our application video to see how we do both.  Applying lashes on the underside of your natural lashes with the adhesive pen is just like applying mascara.  You will want to coat your natural lashes (make sure they are clean and not oily) a few times until it almost catches or feels tacky, and then coat the flutters a few times at the base.  If you apply them onto your lashes and they don’t stick, that’s your sign to add a little more adhesive on your natural lashes or your flutter sections.  

If you have sparse lashes, sensitive eyes, or eyelash extensions, then applying our flutters on top with our adhesive pen will probably work the best for you!

Why would I choose this product over lash strips?  Those are so easy for me to apply!

Full lash strips and lash glue are super uncomfortable (we know you are nodding your head right now lol).  You can feel them on your lid at all times, unless you are a unicorn or something.  As long as you don’t apply these lashes too close to your nose in the inner corner, you shouldn’t be able to feel them at all!

Plus our adhesive liner does not work like regular lash glue.  It has no dry time, you do not have to wait for it to get “tacky” and is not messy.  As an added bonus the flutter sections allow you to customize your own look, by mixing different sets, to complete a customizable look just for you!

Can the lashes be worn with mascara?

Yes, we have worn them with a light coat of mascara before but be aware that they might not stick quite as easily.

Can I apply the adhesive liner over makeup on my eyelid?

Yes you can, just be aware that the tip of your adhesive Liner may dry out a bit faster.

My Adhesive Liner tip dried up, what can I do?

You can add a little bit of water to the tip of the pen, replace the cap, and stand it upright so the tip is facing the counter.  Let it stand overnight.

I have super blond lashes, how do I hide them without using mascara?

The Black Adhesive Liner is a great solution for this!  You can apply a thin coat of our black or brown adhesive liner on your natural eyelash before applying the flutters.  For most people, even applying Flutters to your blond natural lashes will still blend very well.

I don’t have very many natural lashes from chemo and I can’t get the lashes to stay when I apply them underneath, help?

That is the beauty of this unique system.  It can be used in whatever way works best for you!  If you don’t have enough lashes to adhere to flutters on the bottom, you can apply them on top.  No damage.  Be sure to check out our Cancer Warrior Kit made specifically for sparse or no lashes.

I have sensitive eyes and they feel irritated when applying them underneath.  What should I do?

Of course we always advise to discontinue use with irritation, but consider trying application on top to see if it is still sensitive.

Can I go crazy and wear a set underneath and on top?

We would only suggest you do this if you have thick and strong natural lashes and they are removed at the end of the day.  The top application, the lashes are adhered to the skin, and the underneath application they stick to the lashes.  So yes you could do this without weighing down your natural lashes if they are already thick and long.

Will it get easier, my first application was difficult and I couldn’t get them to stay?

Yes it will!  Be patient with yourself for the first few tries.  We promise, just like anything, it gets easier the more you do it!  After a while you will be a pro and be teaching all your friends your best tips and tricks!

Can these be worn overnight? Or in the water?

We don't recommend these lashes be worn overnight, that's why we call them Daily Use lashes :)  They could fall off while you are sleeping.  If you are looking for a longer lasting option, check out our 3+ Day Wear Option.

I love this system so much, do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we are rolling out our Brand Partner program as we speak.  Spots are limited.  Please email hello@flutterjunkies.com with why you would want to help promote Flutter Junkies and we will get back with you as soon as possible.  Or DM us on Instagram @flutterjunkies for more information and application instructions.

Do you sell wholesale?  I would love to sell these in my salon?

We do have a Reseller program for Professionals in the Beauty Industry.  Please DM us on Instagram @flutterjunkies or email hello@flutterjunkies.com your business license number or your costmo/esti license number and the state you live in.  We will respond to you with details for application shortly after.