FAQs: Extension Wearers to Fill Gaps

I have extensions, so why would I ever need Flutter Junkies?

We are the first lash system that can be used WITH lash extensions to help fill those gaps when you can’t get into your Lash Artist.  I mean, let's be real...we know that nothing is going to replace a great set of lash extensions, but if we can help make those times between fills a little more bearable, we are here for it!

The only problem we have with extensions is those annoying times, when all the lashes fall out in the same spot, but you are a week out from your next lash appointment. Yikes!

Or maybe you are headed on vacation for a while but want to be sure your lashes will look amazing the whole time?  Grab your FJ kit and don’t worry!

**Plus, if you ever develop an allergy to eyelash extension glue...we are here for that too ;).  Neither of our liners have any of the same ingredients as eyelash extension glue**

Are these magnetic? 

No.  There are no magnets involved.  It is similar to how vinyl on a window works; it sticks to itself.  There is no dry time, and the adhesive doesn’t have to get “tacky” or dry.  It's amazing actually!

Won’t this adhesive ruin my extensions?

No it won’t!  As long as you only apply the adhesive onto the eyelid where you would like to place a flutter section and fill a gap, you shouldn’t have any trouble with it ruining your extensions.  When it’s time to remove the liner, just take a lip wand with a little cleansing oil and rub up and away from the lash line, and wash your lashes like normal right away!

We have done a lot of research and development to create the MOST NATURAL looking lashes on the market.  When you look down, you won’t have that thick strip lash look across the top of your eyelid, which we LOVE!  They seriously blend seamlessly with extensions, almost unbelievably well.

So I can apply "flutters" on top or on the underside of my lashes?

If you have lash extensions, you will ONLY apply the flutters on top of your lashes on your eyelid. 

If you DON’T have extensions you can still wear FJ Lashes and use the Adhesive Pen liner on the underside of your natural lashes.  Wearing them this way is perfect for those who like to rub their eyes daily or sleep without lashes on.  See the FAQ page Eye Rubbers and Face Sleepers HERE.

Can I apply the adhesive liner over makeup on my eyelid?

Yes you can, just be aware that the tip of your adhesive Liner may dry out a bit faster.

My Adhesive Liner tip dried up, what can I do?

You can add a little bit of water to the tip of the pen, replace the cap, and stand it upright so the tip is facing the counter.  Let it stand overnight.

Can I go crazy and wear a whole set on top of my extensions?

We wouldn’t recommend it, as this system is meant to be applied in just the few areas you need to fill gaps until you can get in for you regular lash fill.   

Will it get easier?  My first application was a little difficult.

Yes it will!  Be patient with yourself for the first few tries.  We promise, just like anything, it gets easier the more you do it!  After a while you will be a pro and be teaching all your friends your best tips and tricks!

Can these be worn overnight? Or in the water?

We don't recommend that you keep our flutters on while you sleep, for fear of bending or damaging them.  And it is always good to remove everything, wash your lash extensions daily, and get a good night's sleep! 

I love this system so much, do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we are rolling out our Brand Partner program as we speak.  Spots are limited.  Please email hello@flutterjunkies.com with why you would want to help promote Flutter Junkies and we will get back with you as soon as possible.  Or DM us on Instagram @flutterjunkies for more information and application instructions.

Do you sell wholesale?  I would love to sell these in my salon?

We do have a Reseller program for Professionals in the Beauty Industry.  Please DM us on Instagram @flutterjunkies or email hello@flutterjunkies.com your business license number or your costmo/esti license number and the state you live in.  We will respond to you with details for application shortly after.