Flutter Longer Application

Flutter Longer Application Video

Watch our full application video here! 


How To Apply Flutter Longer Lashes

  1. Use the adhesive wand and apply to base underneath the lashes and midway through. It's ok if you get to the tip of the lashes, but it's not necessary.
  1. Prep lashes by making sure they are clean and NOT oily from makeup remover or remover wipes. You can use the empty slots to style your lash set before application.
  1. Take each individual flutter with your tweezers and apply one at a time working from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, one eye at a time.
  1. When all flutters are applied, take tweezers and pinch natural lashes and flutters together. It will be very sticky, so pull away a gently. The 3-in-1 remover can be used to clean your tweezers of excess adhesive. Once applied these should last anywhere between 3 to 5 days and are completely waterproof just be aware of no pulling of your lashes.  Be gentle.

    Go swimming, adventuring, exercising, exploring, sleeping! 



    Removing the lashes:

    Use the Superbond Eraser with either a Q-tip or a wand. Make sure the Q-tip or wand is soaked in the remover. Put it on the top of the lashes and lightly press a few times and dab at the base of the flutters. It may take a few minutes for the remover to do it’s job. Once loosened, the flutters should slide off easily with no tugging or pulling on your natural lashes. Use the Superbond Eraser with the damp microfiber cloth from your tool kit (or cotton round) to clean your lashes.  You may need to let it sit for a few minutes on your lashes before wiping away. Wash your face with your normal face wash. 

    Cleaning Your Lashes:

    To clean the flutters, place the flutters in the lid of the 3-in-1 cleaner or another dish. Spray the cleaner into the lid until all flutters are covered. Leave soaking overnight. Put soaked flutters on a paper towel and use a Q-tip to remove any glue residue. Put flutters back into the lid and cover with regular water and soak for a couple of hours or overnight. Pat dry gently. Place the flutters back in your flutter case for storage until next use.