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Flutter Junkies

VOLUME SPIKED - Flutter Longer Lash Bundle

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Lashes that you can't feel, and that you can swim in, sleep in, and re-use...




  • 30 lash flutters XS-XL (reusable 3x+)
  • A unique Lash Compact for your customizable lashes
  • Black Superbond Adhesive & Eraser
  • FREE lash refill of any size ($25 Value)
  • 3-In-1 All Purpose Remover (for removing/cleaning flutters & tweezers)
  • Re-usable microfiber makeup eraser mitt
  • Mesh bag for all your FJ supplies


Volume-Spiked: A super fun spikey look, that can be subtle or's up to you and what size you decide to wear.  This is one of my favorites looks for any special occasion or weekend ;).  It looks amazing on really any eye.  If you use 5 flutter sections, you will have 5 peaks with lashes short and long in-between, with a darker denser lash-line.

For my Lash Artist babes: You can compare this curl to a "C" curl in the lash extension world.


The Flutter Longer Lashes and Compact, Refill, and full tool kit will retail for $172. With this bundle you will save 25%!



This new lash tray design allows you to create your own lash styles and "save" your favorite custom lash sets.  With our unique 3-in-1 All Purpose Remover you can wash your flutter sections and use them up to 3+ times!  Our Lash Compact is the perfect place to keep them.


Our Lash Compact can be used over and over.  With reusable tape, a magnetic closure, and mirror on the inside, your false lashes will be right where you leave them, ready to be used again for that weekend getaway with your sweetie, your busy work week of early morning meetings, or kindergarten carpool rush hour...  Once you have your Lash Compact, you will only need to purchase REFILLS of your favorite style and size flutters.

Nobody has time for mascara.  Plus, who likes mascara?  No one, ever.



  • 🦋


    UP TO 3X

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  • 🌙

    4 DAY




YOU decide the length & shape for your eyes!

  • Bye Smudges

    "I have tried at least a dozen underlash systems and Flutter Junkies is by far my favorite. They are absolutely beautiful, light, and there is a style for every occasion! They are easy to put on and I NEVER have mascara smeared under my eyes."

    -Amanda S.

  • Healthy Lashes

    "I absolutely LOVE these lashes. I've had lash extensions for nearly 2 years and my natural lashes are so tiny now! Flutter Junkies have saved me while I let my lashes grow. I'm so impressed! I tell all of my firls in my life about them!!"

    -Cydnee H.

  • Any Age

    "I just have to say I'm in my 60's and could not get lashes to work for me until Flutter Junkies!!! They are easy to apply and look amazing.

    -Rochelle P.

Need help choosing a lash style?

Take our short quiz to get recommended lashes based on your eye characteristics. Whether you have round eyes, hooded eyes, or wide set eyes, we've got something special for you that will feel right.